I was born in 1968 and I hold a degree in Chemistry and Biotechnology from the University of Aarhus. From 2008-2010 I attended the Academy of Creative Writing for Children based in Copenhagen. Since 2011 I have published more than 50 books for children and young adult.

  • In 2024 the novel 'BANAN' won best children's book from the Copenhagen Libraries
  • In 2023 the novel 'HAPPY HAPPY' won the Danish ORLA Prize
  • In 2022 the novel 'HAPPY HAPPY' was included in The White Ravens
  • In 2022 I received the authorship award from the Danish School Library Association
  • In 2020 the novel 'Når hjertet er en elpisker' was included in The White Raven
  • In 2019 the KAJ-series won the Ministry of Children and Education Skriver prize.

  • In 2018 the novel ‘Hest Horse Pferd Cheval Love’ won the Cultural Ministry Literature prize and was also nominated for the Blixen award and for the Nordic Council Literature Prize.

  • In 2017 I received the 3-year Danish working grant in literature from the Danish Arts foundation. 

HAPPY HAPPY sold to Germany (Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag


"Happy Happy is a soft form of social realism, a modern comedy of errors, where the reader is allowed to laugh about the characters" – (Weekendavisen)

"Mette Vedsø writes like only Mette Vedsø can. The book is intimate, warm and humorous" – (Library review)

"Mette Vedsø has written cheerful folk comedy about the difference between rich and poor" – (Politiken)

"Happy Happy handles class differences elegantly and lets both rich and poor show their decent as well as ugly sides" – (Kristeligt Dagblad)

'When the heart is a hand mixer' sold to six territories


"This is typical Mette Vedsø , top grade and more […] you get so happy from the humour, optimism and eye for the baroque, which suffuse the book […] (4 hearts in Politiken)

"Very beautiful and recommendable novel which you don’t feel like putting down. The reading experience stays with you for a long time after the book is finished" – Sanne Mendel (Official reader for the libraries) (lektørudtalelse)

Sold to Sweden (Nypon och Vilja)


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Sold to Sweden (Raben & Sjogren) and Faroe Island (BFL)

Winner of the Danish Ministry of Culture's Children's Book Author Prize and shortlisted for the Nordic Literature Prize for Children's Books, this gem of a novel is not really about girls and horses, but rather a stunningly executed portrayal of growing up and finding your identity.


"It is incredibly how much Mette Vedsø can say with a few well-placed words" – (Politiken)

"The best children’s book of the year – which parents can also learn from" – (Litteratursiden

Sold to Poland (Widnokrag)


'Alle Kajs historier'

Kai might not be the bravest in his class, but at least he is brave enough to stand up for himself and find his own path. We follow him in a bind-up of six read-aloud stories aimed at 6+, which also exist in early reader editions.