I was born in 1968 and I hold a degree in Chemistry and Biotechnology from the University of Aarhus. From 2008-2010 I attended the Academy of Creative Writing for Children based in Copenhagen. Since 2011 I have published more than 50 books for children and young adult.

  • In 2022 the novel 'HAPPY HAPPY' was included in The White Ravens
  • In 2022 I received the authorship award from the Danish School Library Association
  • In 2020 the novel 'Når hjertet er en elpisker' was included in The White Raven
  • In 2019 the KAJ-series won the Ministry of Children and Education Skriver prize.

  • In 2018 the novel ‘Hest Horse Pferd Cheval Love’ won the Cultural Ministry Literature prize and was also nominated for the Blixen award and for the Nordic Council Literature Prize.

  • In 2017 I received the 3-year Danish working grant in literature from the Danish Arts foundation. 


"Happy Happy is a soft form of social realism, a modern comedy of errors, where the reader is allowed to laugh about the characters" – (Weekendavisen)

"Mette Vedsø writes like only Mette Vedsø can. The book is intimate, warm and humorous" – (Library review)

"Mette Vedsø has written cheerful folk comedy about the difference between rich and poor" – (Politiken)

"Happy Happy handles class differences elegantly and lets both rich and poor show their decent as well as ugly sides" – (Kristeligt Dagblad)

HAPPY HAPPY sold to Germany (Thienemann-Esslinger Verlag

When the heart is a hand mixer - sold to Italy (il Castoro), Poland(Wydawnictwo Widnokrag), Slovenia (Mis Zalozba), Lithuania (Terra Publica), Serbia (Odiseja)


"This is typical Mette Vedsø , top grade and more […] you get so happy from the humour, optimism and eye for the baroque, which suffuse the book […] (4 hearts in Politiken)

"Very beautiful and recommendable novel which you don’t feel like putting down. The reading experience stays with you for a long time after the book is finished" – Sanne Mendel (Official reader for the libraries) (lektørudtalelse)


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Jensen & Dalgaard
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Tine Nielsen
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Sold to Sweden (Raben & Sjogren) and Faroe Island (BFL)

Winner of the Danish Ministry of Culture's Children's Book Author Prize and shortlisted for the Nordic Literature Prize for Children's Books, this gem of a novel is not really about girls and horses, but rather a stunningly executed portrayal of growing up and finding your identity.


"It is incredibly how much Mette Vedsø can say with a few well-placed words" – (Politiken)

"The best children’s book of the year – which parents can also learn from" – (Litteratursiden

Sold to Sweden (Nypon och Vilja)