Når hjertet er en elpisker

‘Når hjertet er en elpisker’ er udvalgt til ‘The White Ravens 2020’  - et katalog der fremhæver bemærkelsesværdig børne- og ungdomslitteratur fra hele verden.



Looking for the next book to publish in translation?

Mette Vedsø has written yet another moving and thought-provoking tale, giving voice to a child in distress. She has previously written about friendship, coming-of-age and horses in her award-winning novel, Hest Horse Pferd Cheval Love and Liv, Life, Leben, Vie, Love, and about a boy from a socially deprived home who gets a chance at a new beginning in Far from the White House. Now she is back with a glimpse into the life of a high-achieving teenage girl struggling with anxiety.

When the Heart is a Hand Mixer is included in The White Ravens 2020